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EYE Security Services

STATIC Security GUARD Service
We pride ourselves on providing our clients with fully trained, licensed UNIFORMED AND COVERT experienced Static Security Guards. We currently supply Static Security Guarding to several high profile sites in Perth and around Australia.

Our staff are trained in First Aid, Occupational Health Safety and Environmental requirements, as well as being aware of Risk Management and Hazard Identification and any action required to process these and the importance of following strict site procedures and Occupational Health Safety and Enviormental requirements set by Eye Security Services management and those set by the management of all sites. We will provide a free Induction Service were required. Our Security Officers will always display a professional attitude and handle any situation that may arise with discreet and effective stratigies.

Eye Security Services will employ a subcontractor to monitor the alarm activations at your site if required.

We will provide an extremely reliable and professional service, with a prompt reaction time to any alarm activation.

We also provide a free Security Consultation and evaluation of your business and will provide you with a free apprasial.

The alarm responses are attended to by a late model marked security vehicle. The vehicles are supplied with a mobile telephone and a two-way radio. A full internal and external and a full perimeter check of any Electric Fencing installed will be conducted and we will rectify any faults or damage that may have caused the activation.

For prompt attendance, alarm activations are dispatched direct to the security patrol vehicle by the monitoring company via the mobile telephone.

We provide night and day patrols to our clients 24/7 to all types of business large and small, ad-hoc, random, internal and external patrols will also be conducted. We will provide free Security Signs, this will act as a deterrant for 24/7 protection to your business giving you added security and peace of mind.

Our Security Vehicles are equipped with overhead security lights, mobile telephone, two-way radio, verification ticketing and bar-code scanning equipment if required.

Eye Security Services utilises a bar-code scanning system as a means of verification. Bar codes can be placed at strategic locations on site to ensure that guards are patrolling the most crucial areas where the site may have encountered past breaches of security, such as boundary fences.

The bar-code scanning system is supported by software that can produce reports identifying the date and time of the patrols.

Eye Security Services prides itself on providing professional, licensed guards for all major and special occasions, Concerts, Night Club ,Hotel and Tavern Crowd Control, Domestic and commercial functions, Birthday parties at home and at function centres, Festival Parades and Stage Shows. We will use discreet and effective stratagies to quell any inappropriate bahaviour at your event. If required we will assist you with any Event Management and pre-event organisation that you may require.

Whether it is for a sporting, social function or a special event, we can provide uniformed or black tie guards as required.

Our experience in this area includes providing experienced guards for a number of WA businesses and private functions.

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