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Eye Security Services is a Perth based security company with offices around Australia that will provide Security Guards, Crowd Control Officers, Mobile Patrol Security, Alarm response and guarding unsecured sites and Cash in Transit Guards for any Security requirement that you may have twenty fours a day seven days a week as and when required. We will add value to all our clients with an ongoing one hundred point security audit and OH & S check and reporting.

Listed below are some of our services:

  • SECURITY SERVICES AND STATIC SECURITY GUARDS For business sites, Golf Courses, Construction site security, Mine site security, Fly in Fly out all areas, Airport Security, Port Security, Gate House Security, Drug and Alchol testing, Trade Shows, Conferences, Concierge and warehouse security, Office and Apartment Security, any large site security guarding, Shopping Centre security and asset covert loss prevention, Risk management, Schools, Colleges Campus and University security guarding, Hospital Security, Pharmaceutical warehouse and Chemist Security, Transport sites, security, Bank security, Annual corporate General Meetings, Staff escort secrice, opening and closing service, Key holding and any other security guarding that may be required.

  • CROWD CONTROL For special events, music festivals, indoor and outdoor concerts, Birthdays, private functions domestic and commercial, Special large concerts local and international, major event Crowd Control, Event management, Night Clubs, Taverns, Hotels, Sporting events, football matches, Personnal protection.

  • MOBILE PATROLS AND ALARM RESPONES For rapid response and securing sites, Responding to all intruder alarm activations, patrolling internal and external, site property checks random 24/7 365 as required, Ad-hoc checks opening and closing of business premises.

  • CASH IN TRANSIT Pick up and drop off of all cash , documents and all valuables, staff safety escots to and from banking.


Is to take care of all your security requirements, Mobile Patrols, Static Guarding, Emergency response, Access controls, Gate House duties at Mine Sites, Construction Sites, Airports and Ports. Crowd Control domestic and commercial, Cash in transit, Construction Sites, Mine Sites, Personnel object screening. Drug and Alchol testing.


Is to expand and affirm our client base. To provide the highest quality service that you can always trust. To employ staff that are dedicated and commited to our clients needs. Staff with intregity and reliability. To always provide prompt service at our clients request. To contribute to the well being of the community. To be the leaders in the Security industry.


Office: 08 92 405 752, Fax: 08 92 405 746

Email: eyesec2@ozemail.com.au

Mobile:0408099169 (24/7) and Mobile:0407001616

P.O. Box 502 Belmont WA. 6984


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